Samuel Bifalco

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My name is Sonny. I am a Design, Development, and Cybersecurity Strategist specializing in helping startups to larger entities leverage technology to reach and maintain a sustained competitive advantage.

Having a degree in Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship while specializing in design, and development, I provide customized; strategizing services, improving business processes and increasing workforce efficiency through technology.

I am currently able to foster growth and facilitate increases in profitability for businesses at any stage- be it a fledgling endeavor, barely more than an idea on paper, or a fully actualized product and business model that needs only application and implementation. As an accomplished entrepreneur, few people are better situated to understand and empathize with your businesses needs than I.

Upon increasing the number of products and businesses my eventual goal and inevitable trajectory will put me in a position to pursue venture capitalism- which will, in turn, enable me to be even more committed to and involved in the various projects I bring in.

I myself am a very unique and creative thinker. I like figuring out complex problems by developing simple solutions. I am always trying to improve on the things in society to make them better and more meaning full. After all, in this modern world of constantly evolving technologies, it is the ones who adapt to these evolutions who survive and prosper.

Youth used to be synonymous with risk and possible detriment in the business world. That antiquated ideology has, in recent years, been turned utterly on its head. Someone like me, who is a well educated, self-starter and an ambitious start-up company entrepreneur, is now invaluable to a business. Just like the businesses I work with, my value, quality, and influence will exponentially increase as my business progresses. I offer to you, in the form of myself, a very real ground floor opportunity.


Capella University - 2020

Master's in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity

Network Defense
Sacred Heart University - 2012

Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration

Marketing and Entrepreneurship


Multi-talented, solution-oriented Design, Development, and Cybersecurity Product Manager with 10 years’ progressive experience designing and developing cutting-edge, stream-lined technology systems. Ability to partner effectively with key stakeholders in every department to manager in the overall management of a product’s life from conception to fruition. Experience in assessing customer desires and requirements and generating a product that successfully meets those business requirements through technologic implementation. Bringing forth the ability to determine product specifications, production timelines, and in-depth plans for product development. Someone who can switch between analytical and critical ways of thinking while providing leadership and helping ensure the team succeeds.

  • Gather business requirements and feedback from key stakeholders to translate into product requirements using agile methodologies.
  • Work with different key stakeholders across all departments internally and externally.
  • Rapidly create wireframes, mockups, prototypes and transition them to high-fidelity designs to be used in product requirements.
  • Study UX/UI/IA best practices and strategically design and develop world-class workflows for different platforms using latest design software.
  • Experience in object-oriented design and development; developing, testing and debugging code.
  • Experience in designing interfaces; and administering systems and networks including many technologies across a wide range of frameworks and languages.
  • Experience in enterprise Web and Mobile solutions
  • Specialize in design and development of frontend technologies for customized solutions in web and mobile applications.
  • Strong conceptual skills and ability to translate ideas into tangible products using user-centered design processes, and data driven design process
  • Collaborative and decisive with strong communications and interpersonal abilities
  • Quickly learn and master new and upcoming technologies and solutions
  • Successful working in both team and self-directed settings
  • Offer a strong foundation in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity specializing in Network Defense.
  • Understanding of different cybersecurity standards, policies, training, and network implementations including both offensive and defensive initiatives.

SmartEquip, Inc

Product Manager
February 2014 – Present
  • Create product story requirements by translating business and feature requirements
  • Manage multiple 6+ member teams using agile methodologies and principles to rapidly create the core web platform and supporting eCommerce, Procurement, and Support sites
  • Perform in-depth market analysis in order to identify potential market opportunities, worked on the development and promotion of new products, and implemented a new pricing strategy
  • Review and evaluated weekly sales data, managed communication between customers and company, and attended various tradeshows and other events
  • Conduct customer visits, train and coordinate sales and project management representatives
  • Pro-actively participate in team meetings with managers and executives and performed other duties as assigned
  • Conduct user experience and usability testing with clients through A/B testing while analyzing key analytics and metrics
  • Gather product requirements from clients in the form of use cases, benchmarks, and workflows and turn them into user stories for agile teams to complete
  • Deliver short sales presentations, pitches, and demos to gain product exposure both internally and externally to key stakeholders
  • Create marketing and branding content for web and mobile products
  • Partner with Engineering teams on database architecture and API design through product iterations
  • Leverage beta testing, data analytics, and user research to identify and experiment with new formats and measurement methods to improve performance
  • Own product strategy, including go-to-market plans, positioning, and messaging
  • Evangelize product vision to key stakeholders using customer research, data analysis, and other performance-based metrics
  • Support a production Inspections platform I designed, and product managed currently being used by the biggest rental fleets in the construction industry
  • Responsible for core platform design and product ownership for modules of our Procurement, eCommerce, and Support sites

Redcel, LLC

Founder and CEO
May 2019 – Present
  • Design and develop architectural solutions for web and mobile applications in various frameworks and technologies
  • Design world-class interfaces and experiences using specific platform best practices
  • Conduct market research including opportunity analysis, and competitive analysis
  • Run teams in multiple countries collaborating, working, and building upon relationships
  • Strategize with clients to write business requirement documents and gather feedback on feature development
  • Build out API architectural designs and specifications for web and mobile app interfaces
  • Conduct Network and IT operations by implementing cloud and VPS based server infrastructures
  • Design API’s and documentation for backend architecture implementations
  • Develop effective communication lines which increased productivity by 50%
  • Increase the company’s growth by securing new partners and contracts
  • Design and develop websites and mobile applications for clients in various frameworks
  • Provide cybersecurity consultations and training for clients
  • Represent company products at events, conferences, and executive briefings

GoNation, Inc

Product Manager
June 2012 – December 2012
  • Collaborated with CEO and other key stakeholders to inspire innovative ideas for the platform
  • Managed a design and development team using agile methodologies and principles
  • Generated product-based marketing strategies which increased users by 20%
  • Enhanced customer support by 80% through, mobile application, and other communication channels
  • Crafted wireframes, mockups, and prototypes for new feature development and collaborated with frontend and backend developers to implement
  • Created sales lists for marketing strategies which included cold calling and customized sales emails
  • Contracted with marketing and content creation to create and formalize campaigns
  • Worked with sales to demo and walk prospective restaurants to join the platform and the benefits in doing so
  • Produced sales strategies opening up new revenue streams for growth
  • Developed the product requirements based off business use cases with emphasis on NPV, IRR and ROI
  • Reduced costs and enhanced development flexibility to meet market demands by streamlining workplace efficiencies
  • Designed and implemented iterative development and delivery mechanisms


Technologies and Methodologies

Microsoft Word/PowerPoint/Excel, Full IBM BlueMix Suite, Full AWS Suite, Full Google Cloud Suite, Visual Studio, Command Line, Navicat, VMware, VirtualBox, XCode, Android Studio, Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, Windows Server, Apache, Tomcat, SSH, Unix, Nessus, RSA, NMAP, DNS, Snort, DHCP, Metasploit, Wireshark, VPN, Visio, Tableau, Outlook, D3.js, Jira, Confluence, Trello, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/In Design/XD, UXPin, Webflow, InVision, Balsamiq, Axure, Framer, Asana, Figma, Justinmind, Scrum, Agile, Waterfall, Cloud infrastructure,  big data and Hadoop, security and privacy, development and operations, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, NLP, Search.

Computer Languages & Frameworks

HTML5, XML, CSS3, SASS, SAS, JQuery, R, JSON, Python, JavaScript, MongoDB, Postgres, MySQL, Ruby, Rails, Swift, SwiftUI, Node, SQLite, Meteor, IoT, GIT, Ionic, Angular, CouchDB, PouchDB, Bootstrap, Foundation, Semantic UI, Electron, React, React Native.

Awards & Members

Award – 3rd place Indiana University BEST Competition for WinShield mobile application
Graduated Member:
Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Leadership (LIFT) Program, 2005-2006
Studying Member:
CISSP, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Network+, CEH, GSEC, CISM, CNDA, SSCP, ECSA, CWSP, Specialty NSA Certification


I am here to help you 7 days a week and respond within 24 hours.