Samuel Bifalco

Design • Develop • Secure


My name is Sonny, a seasoned strategist in Design, Development, and Cybersecurity, adept at steering startups to large corporations towards sustained competitive advantage using technology. With a background in Business, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship, complemented by expertise in design and development, I deliver tailored strategies to enhance business processes and boost workforce efficiency.

My proficiency extends to nurturing growth and profitability for businesses at various stages, from nascent concepts to established enterprises. As an experienced entrepreneur, I possess a deep understanding of business needs, aligning my approach to foster development and implementation effectively.

With aspirations to venture into venture capitalism, my focus is on expanding product and business portfolios, aiming to contribute more significantly to innovative projects. I am recognized for my unique and creative problem-solving skills, striving to simplify complex challenges and improve societal norms through technology.

In today’s dynamic technological landscape, adaptability is key to survival and success. I embody the modern entrepreneurial spirit—educated, self-driven, and ambitious—bringing invaluable assets to any business. As I evolve, so does my capacity to impact and add value, offering a foundational opportunity for growth and collaboration.


Capella University - 2020

Master's in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity

Network Defense
Sacred Heart University - 2012

Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration

Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Work Experience

Accomplished Product Manager with extensive experience spanning over ten years in Design, Development, and Cybersecurity. Demonstrated expertise in crafting and implementing cutting-edge technology solutions to optimize operations and enhance business growth. Adept at guiding cross-functional teams through the entire product lifecycle, from concept to launch. Renowned for a strategic approach in aligning customer requirements with innovative product development, resulting in a consistent record of successful projects. Proficient in defining product roadmaps, orchestrating development timelines, and spearheading strategic initiatives. Combines analytical prowess and critical thinking to lead teams towards achieving excellence in project delivery.

  • Lead the collection and analysis of business requirements from key stakeholders, translating them into detailed product specifications using Agile methodologies.
  • Foster cross-functional collaboration with internal and external stakeholders to ensure alignment and integration of product features and requirements.
  • Design and develop wireframes, mockups, and prototypes, progressing to high-fidelity designs that inform and enhance product development.
  • Implement UX/UI/IA principles to create world-class workflows across various platforms, leveraging the latest design software and technologies.
  • Apply object-oriented design principles in the development, testing, and debugging of software, contributing to robust product architecture.
  • Oversee the design and administration of interfaces, systems, and networks, integrating diverse technologies across multiple frameworks and languages.
  • Drive the development of enterprise-level web and mobile solutions, ensuring scalability, performance, and user satisfaction.
  • Expertise in front-end technologies, delivering customized web and mobile application solutions that meet strategic business goals.
  • Utilize strong conceptual skills to transform ideas into tangible products, adhering to user-centered and data-driven design methodologies.
  • Demonstrate effective leadership, decision-making, and communication skills, fostering collaboration and promoting a cohesive team environment.
  • Rapidly assimilate new technologies and methodologies to maintain competitive advantage and drive innovation in product development.
  • Proven ability in both team-oriented and autonomous project execution, adapting to dynamic work settings and requirements.
  • Establish a solid foundation in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity, with a focus on Network Defense and compliance with cybersecurity standards and policies.


March 2021 – January 2024
Technical Product Manager / Product Manager / Product Owner (Remote)
  • Led ETL process development and AWS cloud adoption, enhancing data integration and analytics, which resulted in a scalable data lake infrastructure and increased data processing efficiency by 90% 
  • Designed and deployed over 100 analytic dashboards using BI tools like Tableau and Birst, achieving an 85% increase in decision-making efficiency and a 98% improvement in reporting accuracy 
  • Managed the transition of 700 databases to a single-tenant system, streamlining services and launching ‘Connected Intelligence’, a new DaaS product that created a significant new revenue stream 
  • Directed a multidisciplinary team of 12 to optimize data pipelines and ETL processes, leading to a 90% improvement in data refresh rates and a 95% enhancement in real-time analytics capabilities 
  • Led cross-functional teams in Agile environments, integrating data analytics tools into product offerings and significantly enhancing product value and operational efficiency, resulting in an 80% increase in product adoption
  • Pioneered the development of advanced SQL queries and database views, which improved data retrieval efficiency by 95% and accelerated data analysis speed by 90%

Hobsons (Acquired by PowerSchool)

November 2020 – March 2021
Technical Product Manager (Remote)
  • Led an Agile scrum team, including UX, Data Analysts, Engineers, and QA, driving user-centric design and rapid product iterations.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and market fit, contributing to a $32M yearly business growth
  • Developed and executed data-driven product roadmaps, incorporating market research and customer feedback, which improved user engagement by 70%, revenue growth, and expanded the product line
  • Managed cross-functional stakeholder relationships to ensure strategic alignment and efficient resource use by 90%, enhancing the product lifecycle, feature development, and user retention 
  • Utilized Qlik, Birt, and Tableau to develop data analytic dashboards, offering insights to sales teams for Intersect and Naviance sales to institutions, thereby increasing connections by 30% and demonstrating return on investment 
  • Enhanced efficiency and communication by 95% through data-driven SDLC and go-to-market strategies, leading to PowerSchool’s successful acquisition for $320 million


February 2014 – November 2020
Product Manager / Product Owner (Office / Hybrid)
  • Led the e-commerce platform launch, achieving over $1 billion in transactions and a 70% increase in user engagement and conversion rates
  • Managed three scrum teams, using data analytics to refine product strategy and optimize user experience, resulting in an 80% improvement in customer satisfaction
  • Oversaw product lifecycle for mobile applications, including ‘Inspections’, implementing Agile methodologies to ensure timely delivery and exceed performance goals by 90%
  • Fostered cross-functional collaboration, enhancing product quality and market fit, leading to a 75% increase in operational efficiency and culminating in SmartEquip’s acquisition for $175 million
  • Translated business requirements into product stories, leading multiple Agile teams to develop and refine core web and mobile platforms, including eCommerce and Procurement sites
  • Conducted market analysis and customer engagement to drive product development, strategy, and sales, enhancing market presence and stakeholder relationships
  • Led user experience improvements and data-driven product enhancements through A/B testing and analytics, resulting in impactful market positioning and user satisfaction
  • Orchestrated comprehensive sales and marketing strategies, delivering presentations and developing branding content to bolster product visibility and adoption
  • Partnered with Engineering to guide database and API design, facilitating product evolution and aligning with market needs and technological advancements
  • Championed product vision and strategy, overseeing critical platforms and leading initiatives to maintain market leadership and operational excellence


April 2015 – April 2022
Product Manager / Product Owner (Office / Hybrid)
  • Led the architecture, design, and development of web and mobile applications across various frameworks, enhancing user experience and meeting strategic business objectives
  • Executed market research, including opportunity and competitive analysis, to guide product strategy and design world-class interfaces following platform best practices
  • Managed and collaborated with international teams, building relationships to foster innovation and efficiency in product development
  • Partnered with clients to define business requirements and feedback processes for feature development, aligning product functionality with market needs
  • Directed API architecture and backend system design, ensuring robust and scalable web and mobile app interfaces
  • Oversaw Network and IT operations, implementing advanced cloud and VPS-based solutions to support organizational growth and digital transformation
  • Achieved a 50% increase in productivity by streamlining communication processes and led initiatives to secure new partnerships and contracts, significantly contributing to business expansion
  • Developed comprehensive cybersecurity strategies, providing consultations and training to enhance client security and data protection
  • Championed product innovation and customer engagement through the design and development of customized digital solutions for clients
  • Represented company products at industry events and executive briefings, driving brand visibility and establishing market leadership


June 2012 – December 2012
Founder and CEO
  • Collaborated with the CEO and key stakeholders at, driving a 30% increase in platform engagement through innovative strategic initiatives
  • Led a design and development team using Agile methodologies, enhancing product delivery and operational efficiency by 25%
  • Developed and executed product-based marketing strategies, resulting in a 20% increase in user engagement and an 80% enhancement in customer support across various channels
  • Oversaw the creation of wireframes, mockups, and prototypes, collaborating with developers to implement new features, leading to a 35% increase in product functionality
  • Initiated targeted marketing campaigns, including cold calling and customized sales emails, which boosted lead conversion rates by 15% and formalized campaigns with marketing and content teams, increasing output by 40%
  • Facilitated product demos and discussions with potential restaurant clients, growing the user base by 20% and opening new revenue streams, thereby increasing overall revenue by 25%
  • Spearheaded the development of product requirements based on business use cases and financial metrics (NPV, IRR, and ROI), enhancing investment decision-making efficiency by 30%
  • Achieved a 20% cost reduction and increased development flexibility by 30% through the optimization of workplace efficiencies and the introduction of iterative development and delivery mechanisms



OneMonth Certifications, (October 2018), HTML, Growth Hacking, Ruby on Rails
Graduated Member, (May 2005), Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Leadership (LIFT) Program
Network Security Administrator, (May 2020), Capella University
Network Security Engineering, (May 2020), Capella University
System Security Engineering, (May 2020), Capella University
Studying Member, (April 2024), Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Product Owner, and Certified Scrum Master


Product Management: Aha!, Trello, Jira, Confluence, Lucid chart, Word, PowerPoint, Excel
DevOps: AWS, Google Cloud, IBM, Oracle
Engineering: VS Code, Command Line and Scripting, Navicat, Workbench, XCode, Android Studio, Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, Windows Server, Apache, Tomcat, SSH, Unix, Nessus, RSA, NMAP, DNS, Snort, DHCP, Metasploit, Wireshark, VPN, APIs, Snowflake, Kinesis, S3
Data Analytics and Reporting: Tableau, Birst, ETL, PowerBI, BIRT, D3.js, Heap, Gainsight, Google Analytics (GA4)
Design: Sketch, Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator, Axure, Framer, Figma
Programming Languages and Frameworks: HTML5, XML, CSS3, JQuery, JSON, Python, JavaScript, MongoDB, Postgres, DynamoDB, MySQL, Rails, SwiftUI, NextJS, IoT, GIT, ChatGPT, AI, ML, NLP, LLM, Recommendation Engines, Predictive Analytics, RAG, Search, Ionic, Angular, Prisma, Bootstrap, Foundation, Semantic UI, Electron, React, React Native, Angular, WordPress, BigCommerce

skills overview

Specializing in Strategic Product Planning, Product Lifecycle Management, and SaaS, I apply Agile, Scrum, and Design Thinking to drive data-driven product management, A/B testing, and analytics. My expertise spans market analysis, AI/ML integration, cross- functional leadership, financial analysis, and customer experience. I lead digital transformation, ensuring compliance and robust architecture, while enhancing business processes with cloud solutions and innovation strategies. Proficient in SDLC, I focus on performance metrics, technology automation, e-commerce, operational efficiency, cybersecurity, and user-centric design.